Peace of Mind

 Knowing that your vehicle is under the regular care of a trusted mechanic will give you the comfort to drive in peace. Yes, unexpected things can happen, but regular service maintenance and inspections can spot problems BEFORE they happen, and that can save your time, your money, and even your life. Let us diagnose the issue and recommend the best solution for you and your vehicle.

Frequent oil changes extend the life of any vehicle.

Volvo may want you to believe that your new car can go 7500+ miles, now up to 10,000 miles before an oil change; however, this is just not true. Regular preventative maintenance is a must when driving any car. As an independent repair facility, we suggest that synthetic oil changes and  our bumper to bumper service check should be done every 5000 miles or 6 months. This is from real experience in the real world, not tested in a controlled environment like car manufacturers do. Regular checkups ensure that your Volvo will last longer, perform optimally and ultimately save you money.

Why Synthetic Oil?

Unlike conventional motor oil, synthetic oil is catalytically processed to remove impurities, engineered to a higher specification to;

  • Keep your engine cleaner

  • Offer greater wear protection

  • Flow better in low temperatures

  • Increase protection at higher temperatures

  • Help to extend engine life

We put a lot of wear and tear on our cars, especially in stop and go in traffic; synthetic oils can help make your car’s engine last longer.

Tune-Up Time


Tune-ups can easily expand the life of your car by switching out engine parts that are vulnerable to deteriorating. A lot of automobiles must have tune-ups every 30,000 miles. Swedish Made Auto offers top-notch economical tune-ups, as well as other auto repair services. Why it is needed: Regular tune-ups can avoid future engine problems, while recognizing and replacing worn parts. Keeping a normal tune-up schedule will certainly help your vehicle last longer, maintain a higher fuel mileage, and enhance performance.      Routine Car Tune Ups Protects the Life of Your Car A detailed tune-up carried out by an experienced technician consists of:


  • Replacing the Air Filter

  • Changing the Fuel Filter

  • Installing new Spark Plugs and checking Ignition Coils

  • Full A/C Service Once A Year (a tune-up for the a/c system)

  • Changing Pollen Filter 

  • Inspection and filling all fluids including AWD systems

  • 21 Point Inspection - Inflate Tires to proper settings. 

  • Checking all computers and control modules for codes 


Why service is very important: A lot of vehicles have parts that have a life expectancy. These parts are recommended for maintenance during specific manufacture benchmarks, about every 30,000 miles. While these components may last longer than the suggested time frame it is a good idea to have them inspected on a regular basis. If these parts are not inspected on a consistent basis and a mechanic tune-up is not performed then a major issue could occur.


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